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看图作文在英语作文中是大家普遍缺乏练习的一种类型,一个提高的方式就是看范例和点评,针对其中的错误进行自我修正。 养老“足球赛”;孩子都拒绝为老人养老的问题

pk10赛车冠军永无规律 养老“足球赛”:


As is depicted in the picture, a poor old man, rolling like a football, is kicked between(改为among,注意between和among的区别,between表示在两者之间,among则表示在三者或三者以上之间) his three sons and daughter(改为a daughter).Unwilling to be responsible for their father ,the daughter and sons spare no effort to kick the old man as far as possible.We are irritated to see in the picture(建议放到句首或句末) the pathetic fact that these people go to any length to avoid surporting(拼写错误,改为supporting) their parents. Unfortunately, what we have seen in the picture isn't a rare phenomenon. However,what factor it is that results in this situation? (汉语式英语,改为what is the cause of this situation?) For one thing, in my opinion, the decreased importance attached to the moral education contributes to the lack of ethnic conception,leading (建议改为定语从句,which leads)to the consequence that paople(拼写错误,改为people) don 't esteem and(改为or,肯定句中用and,否定句中用or) value their parents. For another, faced with the pressure of work and house installment, young people can hardly make ends meet, let alone taking good care of their old parents who is(改为are,定语从句的先行词为parents,从句中的谓语动词应用are) fragile to a sudden disease such as heart attack. There is no denying that further attention must be paid to the problem by the government. To handle this worsening situation, more money should be involed(拼写错误,改为involved) in the pension to guarantee the daily life of old people. In addition, instead of merely focusing on the scores, schools ought to put more stress on moral education.(结尾较为仓促,可适当添加总结性的话语)



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