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  At this precise moment in time and with the impending entrance examination, the problem of educational injustice has loomed more conspicuous and has been brought to the center of public attention. It is almost absolutely correct that schools’ misbehavior gave rise to seditions and agony.


  Dated back to last month, one official representative at the meeting of People’s Representatives put forward the  issue of educational partiality, maintaining that the possibility of certain metropolises’ students admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University is approximately 40 times more than that in Henan province. Recently, when it comes to the enrollment of middle school students, another heated news has been propagated that certain schools enjoying better location, faculty and favorable policies are illegally stretching their legs towards elite students over the whole province, exerting definitely pernicious influences on the regulation of tests and examinations.


  As a student, I’m sincerely concerned with this. From my own perspective, the leading action we should be encouraged to take is to distribute resources more sensibly. It’s imperative to give more rights for admission to prestigious universities to students in need, which may propitiously precipitate the process of social justice. Also, governmental regulation and punishments are in desperate demand. Banning on such misconducts as searching for students over the boundary in certain schools serves as a solution.


  What is more, personally, it’s advisable for the school administrators to secure a clear mind that faculty and regulations rather than students are more significant linchpins in maintaining competence and attractiveness.


   There is still a long way to go for sake of overcoming the perplexity of educational injustice. Notwithstanding, we are bound to accomplish it with fortitude.


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